Private Mentoring


I am so excited you want to start living in Automagic!

My work as your mentor will be to guide you in your personal evolution. My method is based on mindfulness principles and positive psychology interventions. 

What do I offer? I offer you my full support in your evolution, but at your own speed. I offer you candid and compassionate conversations where you will discover your own next step. I will send you some homework (remember, I am a university professor) to help you break some old habits; but, don't expect them to be difficult. I believe in the power of simplicity. 

What do I not offer?  I will not give you quick solutions during our sessions. I will not push you to become who you are not. If you need a shorter approach with specific objectives and goals, please contact a life coach. There are many great people around. I could recommend you one or two. 

But before you continue reading, please review these four items carefully:

  1. I only work with those who are fully committed to change. My sessions are not coaching sessions, nor therapeutic sessions. My sessions are mindful conversations, which means we will review your belief systems to enable your inner capacity to lead your life more meaningfully, using mindfulness as foundation. 
  2. You will have a free first session (60 minutes) to determine if my mentoring method is right for you. 
  3. If you decide to start the mentoring process, we will need at least five sessions to produce a long-term change. 
  4. If you are thinking right now that  you don't have the time to commit to this process, I invite you to come to my mindfulness circle, follow my Instagram, and do not miss any of my InstaLive. I can help you there  and until you are ready to take the experience to a magical level!  A mentoring process should not cause you more stress. This should be the investment of your life! 

Please don't take me wrong. I will love to be your mentor. But, I am very mindful in my selection process. One session will not create the new reality you want, and I will not take your money knowing that the change will not happen in such short time. This work is my passion, and I believe in it.  I hope this makes sense to you. 

If you are still interested in living in Automagic, send me an email at sharing why you want me to be your mentor, and also add a little bit about you :)


Dr. G