Who is Dr. G?


Maria E. “Dr. G” Gambuzza, Ed.D., MBA is an experienced professor and educational leader with ample knowledge in organizational behavior and mindful leadership. Dr. G combines mindfulness principles, positive psychology interventions, and leadership practices to empower others to go to their next level.

Dr. G obtained a Doctorate in Education with two concentrations: Leadership and Human Resources Development, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor in Human Resources Management. Beside her academic work,  Dr. G has completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBRS) training developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the High Performance Master’s program  with Brendon Burchard, a specialization in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology..for now :)

Dr. G has spoken at different national conferences sharing her knowledge and experience as a mindful leader. She also has trained hundreds of leaders and educators in mindful leadership practices. Dr. G has created “Attentive” as a space to share her experience and to build a community of excellence.   

My personal story


I’m originally from Venezuela, but I have been living in Florida since 2002. I’m a passionate educator who love sharing with everybody the experiences and pieces of knowledge I collect in my journey.  Why Dr. G? My married name (Gambuzza)  is not too easy for my students to pronounce so they started calling me Dr. G. I have to confess, I like it! 

After a decade of teaching and leading under mindful leadership principles, I felt a need to share “my practices" so other can lead happy, like me! 

I have taught thousands of students, led hundreds of faculty, and guide many business leaders. But, as I dove deep into mindfulness and meditation, I decided to dedicate my second career to plant seeds of greatness in others. 

I am not a coach; I am mentor. Yes, I have studied, and I have certifications that support my work. Check my LinkedIn for more details. 

My mission is to support the development of compassionate leaders, whether at work or home, so we all can create a better collective reality, which a call Automagic! 

Invite Dr. G to speak

Lead only with the intention to make others better~ Dr. G

 Dr. G is available to provide custom keynotes and workshops that inspire teams who are ready to go to their next level through mindful leadership principles. If you want your team to lead to excellence, contact Dr. G now! 

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